Thalassa Shima

The New
Five Senses

Thalassa Shima Hotel & Resort creates opportunities with the "New Five Senses" for guests to come face to face with their own blissful mind and body. In addition to treatments supervised by doctors and therapists with the powerful effects of the surrounding nature such as the moon and the sea, guests are also treated to locally caught and produced healthy cuisine by nutritionists. We are situated in a location with the sound of singing birds and crashing waves and our own blend of aromas and the smell of the ocean. There are many things that you can experience only here that will stimulate your senses, such as spaces that integrate modern art created by Yayoi Kusama. Coming into contact deeper with your inner self and mind will help you introspect and bring your mind and body back to a state with natural health and beauty. Take this opportunity to experience a holistic stay with us.

Holistic Resort
Thalassa Shima

A variety of modern art is on display at Thalassa Shima Hotel & Resort. We are creating the "New" Five Senses, and for spectacular visuals we have a vast view of the sea and the modern art inside our resort.
Art isn't just for the eyes but enriches the soul as well, and when your soul is at ease it has a positive effect on your mind and body. We want to help as many people as possible achieve their dreams and desires through art to enrich their lives.
The world renowned avant-garde artist, Yayoi Kusama was selected as one of the "100 most influential people" by Times Magazine in 2016. Her well-known sculpture "Pumpkin" as well as three other pieces are on display at Thalassa Shima Hotel & Resort.
We offer a health and relaxation plan that incorporates the power of nature from the moon and the sea to restore your health and beauty.
Guests will receive appropriate instructions from our dedicated staff to refresh their mind and body, with our water therapy "Thalassotherapy" which utilizes the blessings of the sea, "WATSU" warm water relaxation where the person floats in water or beauty treatments that match your physical condition.
We help you achieve a balanced and healthy mind and body naturally by bringing together your body's biorhythm with the cycles of the moon (harmony with nature).
Our healthy full course meals utilize a wide variety of local ingredients.We use an abundance of ingredients that come from the land of Japan's most spiritual place, Ise Shima. All of our dishes are nutritionally balanced with consideration for being anti-aging, natural, immune system boosting, hand selected food, low blood sugar and metabolism boosting. You can enjoy your meals with peace of mind that you will not gain weight even if you eat well.
We hope you try "Thalassa Shima's sugar-controlled menu" with options full of the necessary nutrients you really need. We are here to help you not only create a healthy body, but our menu will also help you reduce weight and life-style related diseases.
Thalassa Shima is surrounded by lush forests and a vast ocean. Your mind and body will respond to the living nature with the sounds of singing birds and crashing waves. Taking in the forest air while on a walk is the perfect environment and the treatment to absorb the energy offered by nature.
Thalassa Shima is located in Ise Shima which has the most important spiritual location in Japan, Ise-jingu Shrine. It is widely known as a sacred place and is adored by people throughout Japan.
Detoxify your mind in a place said to be the home of the Japanese spiritual mind.

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